PETA Wins: NBC Cancels Animal Practice, Schedules Whitney's Return

I have bad news and terrible news, which would you like to hear first?

Okay, NBC has canceled Animal Practice. I know, I know, poor monkey! But that's just the BAD news. The terrible news? It will be replaced by *gulp* Whitney.

I've defended Animal Practice for some time now, because hey, animals and stuff, and because it's actually been pretty funny as far as oddball humor goes. Have you seen Betsy Sodaro's Angela character? She's hilarious! But there's no denying that Animal Practice has been doing awful in the ratings, and last night's numbers were the nail in the shoebox that will now be buried in NBC's backyard. Only 3.8 million viewers tuned in, registering a pathetic 1.0 in the adult demographic. That put Animal Practice behind The CW's Arrow for last place. Maybe things would have been different if NBC aired the Olympics year-round.

But NBC's Wednesdays have been a dead zone, single-camera goofy comedy Animal Practice kicking off the night at 8pm, multi-camera traditional comedy Guys With Kids at 8:30pm, dying procedural Law & Order: SUV anchoring 9pm, and moving hunky firefighter calendar Chicago Fire at 10pm. That's like a peanut butter, turkey, uncooked spaghetti, and gummi bear sandwich.

At least NBC isn't totally flushing Animal Practice down the toilet. Early reports are saying the show will stay on the air until Whitney takes over on November 14. Wednesdays are where Whitney should have been in the first place, ahead of fellow multi-camera sitcom Guys With Kids. Is it that hard, NBC?

Still no word on a return date for Community, so don't even ask.

Dead Poolers: Five episodes of Animal Practice aired before word came down, so Animal Practice is worth 8 points. Even though the show will stay on the air, we score cancellations when they're announced. (Psst! here's the link to Dead Pool HQ, and we should have a staff picks story up later today.)

Alas, let's all say goodbye to Crystal the Monkey in the comments below. And if you'd like to give a Save Animal Practice Campaign a shot, I suggest throwing your poo at NBC.

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