Pilot your own show to Comedy Central

Everyone's a comedian. Or at least, everyone thinks they are.

Now, wannabes can put their money where their mouths are by submitting their own comedy-show pilots to Comedy Central's Test Pilots. The network has teamed up with Internet site iFilm to find possible shows that will air on Comedy Central's broadband site Motherload.

The Comedy Central staff will pick three pilots a week for four consecutive weeks. The staff picks will go up on the site and get voted on by Web users. The top four pilots will become semifinalists, after which the users can vote on which one should move on to the finals. The Comedy Central judges will also pick three of their own favorites to compete in the finals.

The grand-prize winner will get a deal with the network to create an episodic series of their show for the broadband site MotherLoad.

Comedy Central will accept submissions on its Web site beginning May 22 and until August 24. The pilots must be between one and five minutes and can be comprised of live-action, animation, a combination of the both, or anything else one can think of. The network is adamant on one issue--the submissions mustn't suck.

"Comedy Central's Test Pilots is a chance for our extremely talented and vocal audience to get their foot in the door and wow us with their creativity," said Lou Wallach, senior vice president of original programming and development at Comedy Central. "We get throngs of emails and calls telling us 'I have the best show for Comedy Central.' Well, now is their chance to prove it."

In addition to being a cool competition for comedy lovers, the contest is also a great step forward in "syner-tainment." iFilm was purchased last year by MTV, which is owned by Viacom, who is also the corporate parent of Comedy Central.

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