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He is the outrageous star of UK reality series Pineapple Dance Studios, but Louie Spence just loves Australian performers.

Since he first appeared in UK reality series Pineapple Dance Studios, artistic director Louie Spence has become something of an instant celebrity.

Known for his flamboyance, one-liners and sheer bravado, Spence is so over-the-top that many have been forced to question whether he is appearing in a documentary or mockumentary.

For the record he says he is the real thing. Now he is hoping Australian audiences will warm to the show that goes behind the scenes of the London dance studio with all its colourful characters.

"I think Australians and English really get the same sense of humour," he says. "I mean, with Kath & Kim and Summer Heights High and all those type of things, we really do have the same sense of humour. I have lots of Australian friends and so I think it will go down well there, considering it’s gone so well here. I think the Australians are gonna love it!"

Pineapple Dance Studios has been used by Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, West End musicals and endless dance classes, including for the hundreds of Australian performers trying their luck in musicals.

"I must say the Australian dancers have great technique. We love the Australians here they are really hard working when they come over. They have a great discipline," he says.

"We have a great Australian guy who teaches here, his name is Ashley Wallen and he's done everyone, Will Young, Kylie. He does loads of work over here, he's done loads of big commercial stuff, loads of big stuff in America. He's just an amazing choreographer and we have lots of great Australian dancers here, we love them."

In the series the tour-de-force that is Spence can be seen running the entire venue almost single-handedly.

"This is the beauty of it you see. The fact that you can't see that I'm doing anything, shows that I do my job seamlessly. Because you don't even realise I'm doing it."

Spence has proven so outrageously popular that he is going before the cameras for another series -- that is, when he can find the time in between interviews on talk shows and opening night invitations.

"We just started a month ago filming a second one which is great. They said it's going to be a bigger. It's just a continuation of what we've done. There are so many incredible characters that come through the doors here, it's never ending. There are always new acts coming up or there's old acts that you didn't see. You only see a small amount of people that come through the door."

Pineapple Dance Studios airs 8:30pm Monday on Fox8.

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Aug 06, 2010
He was so funny on Top Gear!

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