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Play Our Breaking Bad Finale Drinking Game!

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Why the long face, Walt?

With Breaking Bad's Season 4 finale airing this weekend, it's time to start placing bets, if you haven't already, on how this season is going to conclude. And, because speculating while buzzed is way more interesting than doing it sober, I've devised a drinking game to help you out.

Tomorrow's episode is called "Face Off," and while on the surface it seems to refer to a face-off between Walt vs. Gus, there are tons more potential match-ups: Jesse vs. Gus, Walt vs. Jesse, Walt vs. Hank, Walt vs. the DEA, Walt vs. Skyler, etc. A major character will almost certainly be off'd—maybe even Hank (he knows too much) or Jesse (because it can't be Walt). I suspect it won't be as simple as Walt/Jesse killing Gus and then covering their tracks as Hank investigates; rather, something unexpected. Hank has more than run his course for his character; all that's left for him is to put the pieces together.

With that in mind, I've laid out what I think will go down in the finale, and every time I'm right, you get to drink. (Because the point of a drinking game is to drink, I've also included a few gimmes.)

So, let's get to it: the Breaking Bad Season 4 Finale Drinking Game. Best of luck (to me)!

Please refrain from vomiting in the swimming pool.

Take a drink every time...

  • ... someone (anyone!) tells a lie
  • ... Saul hatches a scheme (sly dog)
  • ... Hank is a total d-hole to Marie
  • ... Marie acts subservient
  • ... a secret (any secret!) is revealed (examples: Walt poisoned Brock)
  • ... someone (anyone!) does drugs
  • ... Jesse says any form of the word "bitch"
  • ... Walter Jr. says "Hey, Mom." or "Hey, Dad."
  • ... Skyler acts like a total b-word
  • ... someone (anyone!) gets shot
  • ... Gus takes longer than ten seconds to say something
  • Okay, I need to take a quick break before kicking it up a notch because—to be totally honest—I don't want Gus to die. Season 5 needs to explore the grander implications of Walt's actions, and I think it'd be smart to keep Gus alive in order to make Walt do something drastic that would further complicate his relationships with Gus and with the DEA as a whole, not just his brother-in-law.

    Truth: If Hank were to finally discover Walt's secret, it would lay the groundwork for next season. If Walt were to take drastic measures and kill Hank, it would allow for an intense shuffle to cover-up the crime and implicate Gus, who the finger's already pointed toward, while Gus tries to keep his empire going strong. Offing Gus would eliminate too many further complications for the White family. Plus, if Gus dies, who will force Walt to cook?

    I find it hard to believe that Walt would try to build an empire of his own to recover the money he's lost to Ted and Saul. Perhaps Walt will pack up his family and we'll get to witness what happens when Walt tries to get Skyler and Walt Jr. to lead a double life as drug kingpins. At this point, nothing will surprise me.

    But now that I've gotten all that off my chest, let's up the ante (and the booze consumption).

    Maybe don't play this game with Don Eladio's drink of choice.

    Take two drinks every time...

  • ... Walt actually uses his gun
  • ... Walt breaks into maniacal laughter
  • ... Jesse combines the words "bitch" and "yo"
  • ... Gus, Walt, and/or Jesse engage in an intense staredown that results in bloodshed
  • ... Tears well up in Jesse's eyes (as he fishes for an Emmy nod)
  • ... Walter Jr. smacks somebody
  • ... a member of the White family (Hank and Marie included) gets seriously hurt
  • Take three drinks every time...

  • ... Walt uses his gun specifically to threaten or shoot Hank
  • ... Walt breaks into maniacal laughter, while pointing his gun at Hank
  • ... Hank finds out Walt is Heisenberg
  • ... Walter Jr. shoots somebody
  • ... Jesse is right about something
  • Guzzle the whole glass if...

  • ... I was totally right about Hank dying.

  • All will be revealed starting at 10pm Sunday night. In the meantime, add your own rules in the comments!

    Please play responsibly. Drinking and viewing can be fun, but drinking and driving is never okay.

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