Please Help a "Friend" Decide Which TV Show to Marathon Over the Holidays

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So let's say I have this friend, right? Hear me out. I DO have friends. Anyway, this particular friend has a problem. He or she (because who is to say what gender this friend is? Maybe I just don't have good gender-dar) works for a major television website (could be any of them, nobody knows) where he or she makes a living writing reviews, listicles, and occasionally recaps with grammatically incorrect phrases written on screen grabs. My friend has the best job, basically!

The problem is, this friend's job description literally contains the phrase "TV expert," and he (or she!) feels very guilty about his (or her!) major, major lapses in TV knowledge. Like VERY guilty, almost as guilty about implying that he or she graduated high school on his or her resume. But unlike that little white lie, this is one that can be corrected.

See, this "friend" wants to start filling up these embarrassing gaps in TV knowledge starting this upcoming holiday break. But there are too many options to pick from! That's where YOU come in, dear reader. Please help my friend (who is me, whatever) decide what to marathon next!

Here are the most glaring omissions from my TV viewing experience. (PLEASE don't judge me, we're all human, we all make bad choices in life). So I'd be grateful if you guys would tell me what I should watch first. Whatever gets the most votes will be my next obsession and I'll follow up with my thoughts once I've finished.

Thanks in advance. Sincerely!

TV series that are over:



The Sopranos



Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Veronica Mars

TV series that are still going:





Doctor Who


What do you think? Where should I begin? And if your recommendation has a caveat (i.e., "skip Season 2"), please let me know!

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