I know it still smells like sunscreen and happiness outside, but we're only about a month away from the start of the fall TV season, so it's high time to start thinking about which new comedies and dramas will earn a coveted spot on your DVR/viewing schedule.

And with that in mind, we're curious as to what's on your current shortlist. Got your eye on NBC's new romantic comedy Marry Me, or maybe you watched the newly released A to Z pilot and found love at first site? Perhaps you're dying to see what Fox can do with Gotham, or how Arrow spin-off The Flash will stack up to its big brother? Are you a diehard Shondland fan who can't wait to learn How to Get Away With Murder? We'll be coming out with our official "most anticipated new shows" list soon, but in the meantime, we want to know which freshman series you're most looking forward to. 

Peruse the photo gallery below below to jog your memory of what's coming down the pike, and then cast your vote in the poll.

Note: Even though the gallery contains both fall and midseason series, we've only included FALL shows in the poll. 


And now spill: What'd you pick, and why?

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