Pre-Heating the Top Chef Oven

Top Chef is a show that's all about people running around being angry and crazy and maybe a little drunk. So what better place for Bravo to set the sixth glossy season (starting tomorrow at 10pm) but in Las Vegas, where lots of people are angry and crazy and probably more than a little drunk, all the time! The light-stained desert oasis is, because of all them fancy casino-hotels they got down there, actually something of a culinary destination, so that makes sense too. Plus the hot, dry weather slows the monotone zombie that is Padma Lakshmi's decomposition.

What can we expect from the new season, other than more disproportionate ego and fury (most Top Chef contestants act as if they're curing cancer with a skillet or brokering tetchy cease fires with a balsamic reduction--it's exasperating)? Well, there's this bescarf'd wonder, a 29-year-old man named Mattin from Biarritz. So he looks like fabulous fun. There are also two brother contestants, which promises for at least one awkward, probably-bus-throwing-under episode. And, as always, there's your typical Top Chef bouquet of riot grrl foodie lesbians. Who can be my favorite contestants! Or, my least favorite.

Yeah, basically season six sounds like a good old traditional season, which is soothing. Masters had its moments I guess, but it was just so different. What with the absence of undead Padma and Grumpy Bear Tom Colicchio. But now they're back and the world feels warm again. Um, Gail Simmons is back too, so... hooray? And as for returning Englishman bile-spewer Toby Young... well, he has no hair. That's all I'll say about him.

So there it is! Something new to watch in this arid late-summer television landscape. I never thought I'd be this excited to go back to Vegas.

Oh, and! There are preview videos, available right here on the Imagine that.

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Aug 18, 2009
Augh, evil LISA! I knew I shouldn't have clicked on that link! Let's hope the contestants this season AT LEAST know how to cook rice!