Presenting the Larry King Ex-Wife Plate Collection

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... YouTube has its sights set on becoming the new TV. Let me know when I can watch "Charlie Bit Me" on the big screen.

... When we find ourselves in times of (economic) trouble, we apparently look to sitcoms.

... This critic will miss Damages if/when it goes off the air, mostly because it's awesome, but also because of its badass character names.

... Why did Ugly Betty go down the boob tube's tubes? Maybe because she got prettier.

... Here's an interview with Logan Huffman, the dude behind V's resident whiny teenager, Tyler Evans.

... Hey, cool! You won't miss your favorite TV stars too much this summer, because they're all starring in a bunch of movies.

... Lost's Jorge Garcia knows how to eat a cupcake the right way, and he'd like to tell you about it.

... In this Open Letter to the Men of the World, Mad Men's Christina Hendricks might make you fall in love with her.

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Larry King should host a show where al his ex's come on and rag about him!
That would be the only King show I would watch.
have you listened to him? He's a TERRIBLE interviewer!
None of my favourite tv actors are on that list so I'll still miss them the usual amount this summer.
Billy Dee is still hilarious
I'm thrilled to see the reemergence of the sitcom. It wasn't that long ago I was bemoaning the lack of current comedies in my blog. One happy mom here.

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