Pretty Little Liars: New Faces, Same Confusion

Pretty Little Liars S03E07: "Crazy"

I spent way too much time last night perusing the Pretty Little Liars Wiki. Honestly, though, can you blame me? This show gets more confusing every week, and with the introduction of new characters like CeCe Drake and Nate St. Germain, I’m not sure I can keep up on my own. (Also, can we talk about these names? Ridic.)

More than ever, it feels like PLL is juggling too much at once. "Crazy" was fun, but there was a lot to wrap my head around. The introduction of a new character, however intriguing, kind of put me on edge. I mean, I’m used to being stressed out by this show, but it’s a little weird to actually worry I’m not going to understand it all, right?

Still, this is Pretty Little Liars, not Game of Thrones. Even if I may have trouble keeping the names straight—again, those names!—I have a pretty good handle on what’s going on. I think.

And once I got used to CeCe’s presence, I started to like her. We need a mean girl on this show: Ali’s dead, Mona’s locked up, and Jenna’s—well, Jenna’s doing her own thing. While it’s not clear how involved CeCe will be in the overall mystery (my guess is heavily), I was honestly just glad to see someone go into crazy “B” mode again. When she called Jenna and threatened to scratch her eyes out? Delightful.

CeCe aside, part of my concern is that I’m never convinced Pretty Little Liars has a clear enough handle on where it’s going. I know these seasons are plotted out, and that there’s always an endgame in sight. But when we spend so much time on these diversions, I have to wonder if we’re being purposely led astray, or if the writers are just killing time until the next big reveal.

Take Ted, for example. Now CeCe has ties to the other characters: She used to date Jason, and she seems to have had a pretty significant influence on Alison. But seriously, what is Ted’s deal? Other than the fact that he may be the only available silver fox in Rosewood, I’m really not sure what he’s doing here. And while I’m glad Ashley and Ella are getting more screen time, their romantic subplots feel a lot like treading water.

Just watch—next week we’ll find out that Ted is secretly Alison wearing an older man costume. Or whatever, you get the idea. It’s naïve to think that anyone isn’t somehow involved in the mystery, so I should probably just be patient instead of complaining along the way. (Just let me keep complaining. It’s all that I have.) Hell, Ella’s new coffee shop owner love interest probably killed Maya. Stranger things have happened, is all I’m saying.

For me, the highlight this week was everything involving Mona, who is just way too good at playing fake-crazy. (We don’t believe she’s actually lost it, right?) Her creepy rhymes recalled the “A” of Seasons 1 and 2, but she’s obviously at a loss when it comes to Version 2.0. She seems genuinely threatened, too, and I love how protective she is of Hanna. Mona can never be an ally to the girls, but she will probably prove useful before the season is over. Well, unless the new “A” gets to her first.

The episode ended with the reveal of a creepy Maya-centric website—any guesses as to whether she made it, or whether it’s just about her? I’m thinking Maya had a lot more secrets than she ever let on. I’m glad we’re shifting focus back to Maya a bit, because we can only talk about Ali’s murder for so long. Besides, it’s not like the two aren’t connected. I just hope we get answers to one mystery before the next hiatus. Pretty please?


– Is Jenna going to stay away from Nate, or does she want more out of him? Will Ted pick Ashley or Ella, and do we really care?

– Who will be the first to crack the password to Maya’s website?

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