Pretty Little Liars "Single Fright Female" Review: The Creep-Off

Pretty Little Liars S03E11: "Single Fright Female"

After an off week, Pretty Little Liars returned to form last night with an episode that asked one very important question: Who’s creepier, Paige or Nate?

To which I say, do I really have to pick just one? Honestly, they both seem like seriously unbalanced people I wouldn’t want to be around. I think the show is pushing us in the direction of suspecting Paige as Maya's murderer, but I’m pretty sure Nate is the real problem. As several commenters have suggested, he’s almost certainly Maya’s stalker, not her cousin. At the same time, I’m not all that comfortable with Paige, who needs a whole mess of therapy, too.

Regardless of who ends up evil and who turns out to be just a little weird, I really enjoyed "Monday’s episode. One of my major complaints about Pretty Little Liars is that it tends to introduce characters, then forget about them, then suddenly bring them back when it’s convenient. Paige was a victim of that at one point, but this season, she’s been pretty consistent. I give the show credit for developing her character and Nate’s—they’re both creepy, and it feels like we’ve earned that. It’s not just Lucas randomly going dark.

But yes, I do think Paige’s bad side is a red herring, which is kind of annoying because it means Paige will probably be sticking around. At least Spencer finally brought up the fact that Paige tried to drown Emily—I know a lot happens on this show, but seriously, how are we not talking about that more often? On the one hand, I’m not a fan of the “evil lesbian” trope: It’s been done to death, and it’s kind of offensive. On the other, Paige has been off from the start.

Of course, Nate is even more off. His behavior put me on edge in this episode, and it looked like Emily, Hanna, and Jenna were nervous around him, too. It seemed clear in that last scene that Jenna was trying to warn Emily about Nate, not Paige—although for the sake of suspense, I get why Pretty Little Liars is dragging that reveal out. Also, the way Nate talked about Maya seemed like a pretty obvious tell that they weren’t cousins. He definitely had a thing for her, and it sounds like she spurned his advances. This guy does not handle rejection well.

As for which of the two killed Maya, my guess is neither: I could be wrong, but it feels too early in the season for a reveal that big. Besides, Maya clearly knew more than she was letting on, and that’s why she was murdered. If Paige or Nate did it, it would be out of jealousy (and, you know, serious insanity). That doesn’t fit with the bigger picture, and it would make Maya’s website and all the clues she left behind a total waste. Her death has to tie into Alison’s at this point, which I think lets Paige and Nate off the hook.

I haven’t really touched on the rest of the episode, but I at least want to give props to the ridiculous dressing room scene. “A” put a snake in there with Spencer? I’ve missed the over-the-top schemes that always seem like way more trouble than they’re worth. Seriously, a snake in the dressing room. Who does that?

Oh, and we met Maggie, who um, gave birth to Ezra’s son, apparently. I know there’s a lot to be discussing, but I mostly just want to talk about how she’s played by Alex Mack (Larisa Oleynik). Anyway, I suspect Maggie will pop up more in the coming weeks—and she could actually split up Ezria, at least temporarily. For the time being, however, I’m still fixated on Paige and Nate. Mostly I’m wondering which of the two of them would be easier to flee from if it came to that.


– Was Jenna warning Emily about Paige, Nate, or someone else entirely?

– Is Maggie going to become a part of Ezra’s life again?

– Who puts a snake in a dressing room?

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