Pretty Little Liars: The "A" Train Is Approaching the Station

Pretty Little Liars S02E24: "If These Dolls Could Talk"

Okay, but seriously, who is “A”? The penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars’ second season brought us one step closer to next week’s big reveal, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dying to know. This mystery has been dragged out for so long; the tension has reached its breaking point. I need PLL to reveal the identity of its central antagonist—and I need to know how the show is going to move on from that moment. What will Season 3 look like if we know who “A” is?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. While Monday’s episode definitely had that “almost there” feel to it, it was an entertaining hour of television in and of itself. We’ll have plenty of time to discuss “A” after the season finale next week, so for now, let’s focus on everything else.

Are Aria and Ezra about to be parted for good? I doubt it, but for the first time, Pretty Little Liars actually convinced me that they might be. There have been so many obstacles thrown in their path, but up until now those obstacles have always felt like something the pair could overcome. The idea that Ezra may actually have to leave Rosewood forever does put a damper on their plans for a life together. I think it would be interesting to see Aria single for once, even though I like them as a couple. I’m also wondering what Ezra’s departure would mean for Aria’s now-strained relationship with her family.

The moment when Aria threatened to expose her dad’s affair was rough: Aria has done plenty of pouting over her parents’ disapproval of her relationship, but this was cruel. It was a side of Aria we haven’t really seen, and I commend the show for taking her character to such an unlikeable place. She’s willing to threaten her parents with blackmail in order to keep her relationship going—but while relationships come and go, parents are something you’re stuck with. I don’t know how Ella and Byron are supposed to forgive her at this point, or if she’s even interested in making amends.

Speaking of familial conflict, Spencer finally confronted Melissa with a whole lot of damning evidence—all of which Melissa deflected, naturally. I don’t think she’s “A,” especially since the episode was pointing us so clearly in that direction, but I do think she’s more involved than she’s letting on. I mean, she’s making out with Garrett, and that’s never good news. If Melissa didn’t kill Alison, maybe she knows who did. And might she also know who’s been tormenting the girls via text? I still think Peter is guilty somehow. I guess I just don’t trust the whole Hastings family.

And when it comes to ambiguous guilt, there is no character more baffling than Jenna, who seemed to come around this week. Except, wait, she’s still full of crap! As I suspected, Jenna made amends with the liars and told them they had nothing to fear from her. But if that’s the case, why is she still lying? I guessed that she wasn’t on the level about not getting her sight back, but I was also interested in her motivation for turning Garrett in. We know she knew what was on that page from Alison’s autopsy report, because we saw him give it to her in the first place. Jenna pinning it all on Garrett just makes me think she’s guilty.

Basically what I’m saying is, I’m as lost as I ever was. Monday’s episode only gave me more suspects to consider and more lies to think about. But I’m not frustrated, and I think that’s what distinguishes Pretty Little Liars from its less successful sister show The Lying Game. This season, Pretty Little Liars has done a much better job at extending the mystery without making it painful—we’re taking tiny steps forward, and we’re having fun along the way.

Of course, it helps a lot to know that “A” is going to be revealed next week. Please don’t let this be a trick.

Since we’re so close to the end of Season 2, I want to hear your theories on the big mysteries:

– Who killed Alison, and why?

– Who is “A”?

– How does Pretty Little Liars move forward after the big reveal?

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