Pretty Little Liars: Who Do You Think "A" Is Gonna Be?

For two full seasons, Pretty Little Liars has dangled one big secret over our heads: the identity of master manipulator, "A." For a while it seemed as though we'd never find out, but tonight's season finale promises to unmask "A"—and there are plenty of suspects to choose from.

Judging by the comments on our review of last week's episode, it seems many of you are pulling for Mona, and there's also a theory that "A" is Alison's long-lost twin sister. But with only hours left until the big reveal, we want you to officially weigh in: Who do you think "A" will turn out to be?


The girls' best friend and queen bee, Alison died mysteriously one year before "A" began haunting cell phones and creepy church towers. If, for some reason, Alison is still alive, she's the likely culprit.


Toby Cavanaugh's stepsister has always been a prime candidate. Her blindness is a result of one of Alison's pranks, and it's no secret that she's no fan of the girls. Controlling and manipulative, Jenna's personality is a fitting match for "A."


Once a direct target for Alison's cruelty, Mona climbed the social ladder quickly after Alison's death, befriending Hanna along the way. Though not an overt threat, she's taken on a number of Alison's nasty queen bee qualities —namely her obsession with popularity and her affinity for calling Lucas a hermaphrodite. She may not be the obvious choice, but the motives are definitely there.


Spencer's sister has always been notably mysterious, and isn't Spencer's biggest fan on account of her involvement in her fiance, Ian's, death, as well as past love-affairs Melissa lost to her younger sister. It's also revealed that Melissa was the last person to be seen with Alison on the night of her death. Though she did have a motive to kill Alison, who was obsessed with Ian while Melissa dated him, was that enough to push her to torture all four pretty little liars as "A?"


Once Emily's neighbor and now a hometown cop, Garrett is in a creepy, secret relationship with Jenna. He plays nice guy to the girls, but is still shady enough to be questionable: He's keeping secrets with Alison's brother, Jason, and burning pages in Alison's autopsy for Jenna. And he always manages to show up at just the right time.


If his intense, mischievous grin isn't enough to cue mistrust, his impervious attitude and fondness for bribery might be. While dating Aria, he finds out that she's in cahoots with then-English teacher, Ezra, who he promptly blackmails for a better grade. Since, he's dated Mona, but dumped her suddenly in pursuit of Jenna. Sure, being a player doesn't make you a suspect, but it's his impeccable timing and sheepish smile that keeps us guessing.

Give us your best guesses in the comments! Then tune in to ABC Family tonight at 8pm for the big reveal.

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