Preview Smallville's 200th Episode!

Can you believe that Smallville has reached this milestone?

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar is guest-starring on Weeds on Monday! Dreamy.

I wish Jane Lynch had talked about her Halloween costume last night on Late Night. Oh, well, she's still awesome.

Anderson Cooper is pissed at Vince Vaughn for making this gay joke in his new movie trailer.

Rick Sanchez is very sorry for the things Rick Sanchez did. And for talking in the third person.

Lauren Conrad has an important announcement to make... about your fashion choices.

David Letterman knows what's wrong with FOX News.


... Glee's Mike O'Malley would like you to know that Burt Hummel is not dead yet.

... Contrary to popular belief, Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez are not having a diva feud.

... Bob Newhart might be returning to TV!

... VH1 is going to be replaying all the SNL episodes from the 2000s. More Rachel Dratch for everyone!

... Snaps to 30 Rock and The Office for scolding NBC's decision to cancel Law & Order.

... But slaps to 30 Rock for stealing a joke from The Sarah Silverman Show!

... Here is a list of the most annoying reality stars of the last year.

... Speaking of annoying reality stars, ever wonder what the Real Housewives looked like when they were little kids?

... Daniel Radcliffe is going to be on The Simpsons... as Edward Cullen. Ha!

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Oh Zack! U are still soo hot!
SMALLVILLE is gonna own!
Weeds is Awesome, Smallville has reached its rightful place, and Daniel Radcliffe on the Simpsons as Edward Cullen is just Brilliant!!!
Wow smallville O:
Wow, that smallville trailer looks great
Jane Lynch is just always awesome.

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