Preview the Grey's Anatomy Finale, Flash Back to Lost (VIDEO)

Why wait until tomorrow to see the results of last week's episode? ABC has released the first several minutes of Grey's Anatomy's Season 8 finale, revealing the aftermath of the plane crash that took everyone by surprise in "Migration." Thankfully, it was a plane full of doctors so all the nicks, scratches, and broken bones sticking out through their skin should be mended in no time.

But the real interesting thing here is that this scene is a blatant rip-off homage facsimile of ABC's Lost pilot, right down to stunned doctor looks to the sky while survivors meander in confusion. Plus, someone lost a shoe!!! (Obviously The Others took it.)

There's lots of screaming and someone is going to die. It is known. Which Grey's Anatomy doctor do you think is going to end up eaten by the rest of the survivors, Alive-style?

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