Primeval goes extinct

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Primeval will not be returning for a fourth series because of budget cuts, it has been revealed.

"Basically ITV have changed their policy about drama before 9pm in that they've decided they really don't want any, at least not of the quality and cost of Primeval," a source close to the show told online publication Total Sci-Fi.

Despite earlier denials that the show would be axed an ITV spokesperson confirmed the cancellation today, telling the Press Association: "After three very successful series of Primeval there are no plans at the present time for it to return to ITV."

"High quality drama remains a key part of the ITV schedule although our current focus is on post-watershed productions," they continued.

Earlier this year, ITV announced 600 job cuts due to cost constraints and said it would be scaling back its drama production.

Remaining popular throughout its three-year run Primeval mustered an impressive international score of 8.6. The show's third series, which stars Hannah Spearritt and Ben Miller, concluded in Britain earlier this month with an average of 4.5 million viewers (25.1% of the total TV audience).

Speaking about this finale, the informant says: "At the point where we finished the third series, we had every reason to believe we would be doing a fourth. Had we known there was any likelihood of cancellation, clearly we wouldn't have left half the cast marooned up a tree in the distant past."

There is still some hope for Primeval fans, however; It's reported that the show’s creators are currently in talks about producing both a film and an American series. What are your hopes for the show?

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