Prison Break's T-Bag is Back in Breakout Kings (VIDEO)

Cable channel A&E; is adding to its original programming slate with the upcoming Breakout Kings, an action drama from the producers of Prison Break. The show was originally set up at Fox, but when Fox passed, A&E; stepped up.

Breakout Kings follows a group of U.S. marshals that teams up with ex-convicts to track down fugitives who have broken out of prison. One of the cool things about the show is that it will exist in the Prison Break universe, meaning former characters from that show will appear on Breakout Kings. Including Mr. Despicable himself, T-Bag, who is due to appear in four episodes. Hell and Yes. Here's a first look at the show.

I was originally lukewarm about this program, but wow, it actually looks pretty good. With its Oceans 11 feel and unexpected humor, I'd say Breakout Kings has a good chance at success. Plus, it's got Herc from The Wire (Dominick Lombardozzi) and one of the McPoyles from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as the requisite "who farted?" guy.

Breakout Kings premieres March 6 at 10pm on FX.

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