Prisoner to get parole

Inside Out have their own version of Prisoner's Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett?" link="/inside-out/show/80116/summary.html" target="_blank" loc="right">

Hawaii Five-0, The A-Team, Starsky & Hutch and Dukes of Hazzard are classics from the '70s and '80s that have recently been given a modern makeover.

Channel TEN is now hoping to mirror the success of its classic jailbait drama, Prisoner, or Prisoner: Cell Block H for UK readers.

The reboot will see the drama re-branded as Inside Out, in a hope to appeal to a new, young audience rather than nostalgic audiences who, as Hey Hey It's Saturday discovered, are not always loyal.

TEN's programming chief, David Mott, told the Herald Sun, "It's a story in a detention centre about a woman who, wrongly accused, seeks her revenge.

"We're very excited about it. We've looked at Prisoner for some time now and wondered whether it's time to revive the style of that show."

Set in the fictional Wentworth Detention Centre, the show aired for seven years and 692 episodes and was a ratings winner in Australia and the UK until it was cancelled in 1986.

With TEN expanding its reach onto the new sister channel, Eleven, it will be searching for projects to fill out its broadcast schedules. A familiar brand such as Prisoner should be guaranteed to be a short-term ratings winner, at the very least.

Will you give Inside Out a chance?

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Sep 20, 2010
This so won't work - Australian networks suck at copying American television ideas, Case and point Australian Survivor so trying to follow in their footsteps with a remake will fail badly too.