Psych cancelled...psych!

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It's not an easy deal to be an original show on a basic cable channel. Without the ratings numbers and budgets associated with programs on the major networks, any show that can only be seen beyond channel 13 pretty much already has its head on the chopping block.

However, more and more shows on cable networks, such as USA, TNT, FX, and others, are slowly proving their worth, sticking around for multiple seasons, picking up Emmys, and, most importantly, actually getting viewers.

The latest to stop the axe from falling is USA's Psych, a comedy starring James Roday, Corbin Bernsen, and Dulé Hill. USA has renewed the show for a third season consisting of 16 episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Psych focuses on a "police consultant" (Roday) who has convinced the police department he is psychic. To keep his job and avoid getting prosecuted for a crime he didn't commit, he has to keep up the act and use "heightened observational skills" to solve crimes.

The series debuted in July 2006 and was the highest rated new basic cable show. For more information on the show, read's previous coverage.

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