Psych Exclusive Video: Preview Tonight's Blair Witch Project Spoof (and the Sexy Coed Who's Got a Thing for Gus)

Tonight's new episode of Psych, "Lassie Jerky," sees our dynamic duo setting up camp in the woods with a group of student filmmakers who are working on a documentary about Bigfoot. And as you'll see in the exclusive sneak peak below, one of them might have a little extra credit in mind with regard to our newly coupled-up Gus: 

Yep, tonight Gus will be doing his noshing in the presence of both Mother Nature and a horny coed, and Shawn will be ready to capture the magic via Handycam. What's not to like?

Psych airs Wednesdays at 10pm on USA.

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You know a show is good when the previews make you laugh hysterically
Holy shit, Gus' face at that line was too funny.
I've got jungle fever
She's got jungle fever
We've got jungle fever
We're in love.
She's gone black-boy crazy
I've gone white-girl hazy
Ain't no thinking maybe
We're in love!

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