Psych "No Country for Two Old Men" Review: Jeffrey Tambor Makes Everything Awesome

Psych S07E04: "No Country for Two Old Men"

¡Muy delicioso! Like sour cream and guacamole, Jeffrey Tambor and Corbin Bernsen made a perfect pairing in Psych's hysterical homage to The In-Laws.

If anyone can walk in the shoes of William Shatner, who plays Juliet's con-artist father, it's the Arrested Development patriarch. And Lloyd, Detective O'Hara's rambling, oblivious stepfather, has more in common with Bluth Sr. than he initially seemed to: He's a recovering gambling addict with huge debts.

Lloyd was introduced at Juliet and Shawn's housewarming party, where his accounting anecdotes were so dull that most of his fellow guests wandered away mid-conversation. But that didn't stop Shawn from encouraging the two dads from becoming early-bird-special besties.

"No Country for Two Old Men" may not be an all-time great like last week's epic "Lassie Jerky," but it was a comical romp that hit all the right notes. One of the highlights was Gus, fancying himself a family man now that he's dating a woman with a young son, injecting himself into every discussion about parenthood.

"Don't worry, buddy, it'll happen for you someday," Gus consoled Shawn as they watched young Maximus, whom Gus just met last week, play soccer in the yard. "They grow up so fast, don't they?"

(It was a nice touch having Bend It Like Beckham star Parminder Nagra reassure her boyfriend after Gus failed to block her "goal." Well played, Psych.)

Henry and Lloyd's innocent lunch date took an expected (for Henry, anyway) turn, with the two fleeing gunmen, stealing a car, flying to Mexico, and clashing with local cops and one of the region's most-wanted criminals—all because the former gambler was trying to square his debts.

With each hiccup, Lloyd cheerfully promised his Costco-outfitted travel companion, "Smooth sailing from here on in!"

Close on their heels were Shawn and Juliet (a.k.a. Julihawn, Shawniet, and Shules, if you prefer one of Shawn's "singular" suggestions) and Gus, whose paternal instincts are warring with his sudden "suffocation" from his new relationship. ("Last week I was my own man. Now whenever I turn around, there they are!"; "A man just needs his space.")

They found an ally in "the Mexican version of Lassiter," who of course turned out to be a corrupt cop whose henchman nearly killed Lloyd.

In the end, Shawn's wish came true: The two dads became unlikely pals—which bodes well for the wedding we hope is on the horizon. Más Tambor, por favor!

The icing on the flan? Henry and Lloyd's adventure allowed Shawn to practice his terrible Spanish skills.

Not since Season 2's "Lights, Camera... Homicidio" has the fake psychic had so many opportunities to rolls his Rs so badly. And like "Homicidio," the Psych theme song—performed by show creator Steve Franks and his Friendly Indians band—was translated and sung in Spanish in the opening and closing credits.

The real in-joke here is that James Roday, born James Rodriguez, is half-Mexican. And although he may not be as fluent in Spanish as his father, it was his first language as a child. ¡Arriba!


Mexican buffet from Olé Mole, cumin, curried crab, Pinkberry, sopapillas with honey (Mexican pastry heaven), lobster thermidor, Tostitos (as in " Vaya Tostitos, Mexican Lassie"), Mexican Coca-Cola ("we use real sugar"), Coke Zero


– "Gus don't be the remake of Yours, Mine and Ours. For that matter, don't be the original either."

– "I wish we were the black Von Trapps." (Gus on Rachael having more kids)

– "I don't want to be the black Von Trapps. I want to be I Am Legend, and that's the truth of the matter." (Gus, later)

– "Semantics." (Gus, a new twist on Shawn's "I've heard it both ways"

– "Chickens, son." (Gus)

– "Look at me, I seem like this great dad and whatnot. The truth is I abandoned my family. I'm a black stereotype." (Gus)

– "I smell something: battered. Fried. Sweet. SOPAPILLAS!" (Gus and Shawn after the Super Sniffer's positive ID)

– "I never say no to disco." (Henry at gunpoint)

– "Mexican Lassie. Way better than American Lassie, not unlike Coca-Cola."

– "I suppose you can also use them to carve animal flesh, especially if said animal is invading your home." (Lassie on his ninja throwing blades housewarming gift)

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