Psych "Office Space" Review: "Bring Your White Best Friend to Work Day"

Psych S07E11: "Office Space"

First off, what a Gus-tacular episode!  Second: Gus still works as a pharmaceutical rep? Third, this: 

"You're an A Hole! I Quit!! Drop Dead … Fondly, Burton Guster ☺"

Gus's resignation letter to Dorian Creech, his bullying boss, made me laugh so hard that I might have to start wearing Depends (like Woody insisted that 24's Jack Bauer must have) while watching Psych.

Whatever the writers throw at Dulé Hill—and they've tossed him a veritable smorgasbord of tasty treats over the past few seasons—he delivers, with gusto (see what I did there?). The former West Wing star is a surprising comic genius, and owns his role as "the only black lead on a major cable network." Psych has always celebrated Gus and Shawn's "Ebony and Ivory" relationship, and the gags that acknowledge their racial differences—like Gus expecting to be thrown in the slammer because he's black—only enrich their banter.

"Office Space" started off in Squee-D: Shawn woke up in bed with Juliet! This time, he wasn't dreaming—about the hookup, anyway.

He was awakened by Gus, who appeared at Juliet's door looking, as Shawn sleepily observed, like "Bruce Willis in Blind Date."

But his plight was much worse than that of Kim Basinger's dinner companion: Gus had had second thoughts about quitting his job and returned to the office to try to retrieve his kiss-off note—only to find it clutched in Creech's lifeless hand. Instead of calling his other employer—the Santa Barbara Police Department—Gus panicked.

He pried the note loose, ate it, choked, knocked over a potted tree, and… sorry, I'm laughing too hard to continue. Just know that by the time Gus finally left the crime scene, it not only resembled a massacre but was covered in Gus's fingerprints and DNA.

Shawn naturally agreed to help his buddy "make this kosher" ("meats and cheeses, they're not gonna touch").

His first reaction upon arriving on-site was priceless: "I think you undersold this!"

It turns out that both Shawn and Gus are much better at reading (or sniffing, or eating) a crime scene than they are at cleaning one up. Shawn only made things worse—literally drenching the area with his DNA by sneezing with a bloody nose.

When Shawn suggested they come clean, Gus refused.

"You're talking like a real white guy right now. Brothers don't get the benefit of the doubt. I will not rot in a cell!"

So the bros sought help from Henry, who dragged them back to the office… where they found the po-po waiting for them (and a mysteriously scrubbed crime scene). Gus's overwrought, histrionic response—"Oh no, oh no, oh no"—is destined for the Psych Hall of Fame.  

Detective Lassiter quickly butted heads with the zealous head of security, Leslie Valerie Sally (Dave Koechner, who plays Todd Packer on—wait for iiiitThe Office). 

"Well, Sally, this is sort of an Adult Swim-type situation, so why don't you and your blazer run along and solve the mystery of, oh, I don't know, who stole Jensen's lunch," sneered Lassie. ("Shawn, I stole Jensen's lunch," whispered Gus.)

Even more incriminating evidence surfaced against the crime-solving duo, including part of Gus's resignation note and Shawn's coffee mug covered in fingerprints.  

"Damn you, Cagney. And Lacey," muttered Shawn, blaming the fictional detectives for influencing him to make coffee.

Of course, Jules' prints were on the mug too, and she became an unwilling accomplice. Her excuses prompted Lassie to ask, "O'Hara, you can tell me—are you carrying Spencer's unborn demon seed?" (Or, as it was more affectionately dubbed by Shawn, "Starfish Spencer, named after the graceful and stylish sea creature.")

At least Juliet wasn't tied up (and forgotten) like Woody the blabbermouth.

Like fellow guest-star Koechner, Geico pitchman Mike McGlone deserves a golden pineapple for his portrayal of bizarre corporate executive Mitch Murray. Not only did Murray reward his staff with scratch 'n' sniff stickers, but he promoted Gus to branch VP.

Unfortunately, Shawn discovered that Murray was also cooking the books and had murdered Creech—and then Sally, when the security guard suspected his guilt. Fortunately for Gus and Shawn, he also confessed to his crimes in a strange show of bravado.

Writers Andy Berman and Todd Harthan ended this yummy TV ice cream sundae of comedy with a cherry on top: They found a nifty way to distance Juliet from Shawn's psychic sham. From now on, the detective is enforcing a strict don't ask, don't tell policy.

Even better, she's not keeping her distance from her ex. She may not be returning the key to "ye old homestead" quite yet, but overnight privileges are an awesome first step!


– Can there ever be too much Burton Guster?

– Did you wish there was more Office Space—like the red Swingline stapler—in "Office Space"?

– Which movie would you love Psych to pay tribute to next?

– "I'm still black, remember?" (Gus, when Henry demanded they come clean)

– "You go around smelling like a vacation, it's gonna come back to bite us." (Shawn on Gus's incriminating cocoa butter lotion)

– "The truth is going to land you… in front of a firing squad full of men who look like Patrick Wilson." (Shawn, when Gus got his Hurricane Carter on)

– "Shawn, we don't have time now for Baldwin." (Gus, halting his partner's Glengarry Glenn Ross performance)

– "I think Jack Bauer also wore adult diapers. How else can you explain him not going to the cansky for, what, eight years?" (Shawn, justifying Woody's temporary lack of toilet privileges)

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