Psych Season 7 Preview: Stars James Roday and Dule Hill Promise Another Delicious Year (VIDEO)

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The wait for iiiit is over! Nearly a year since Psych 's cliffhanger finale (we've actually been left dangling for 322 days, but who's counting?), the comedy detective series' seventh season finally premieres tonight.

So what's in store for fans of delicious flavor? I got the scoop directly from stars James Roday and Dulé Hill during my last set visit to Santa Barbara Vancouver.

For starters we'll learn Henry's (Corbin Bernsen) fate, as the season picks up shortly after Shawn's dad was shot by his crooked former colleague.

As for Psych 's OTP, Shawn and Juliet (Maggie Lawson), it's about to get real. "Shawn and Juliet's relationship continues to evolve, in big-boy, big-girl sort of ways," Roday told me. "They are faced with a couple pretty serious couples-type dilemmas, forcing Shawn especially to be more responsible and kind of weigh out his priorities."

Roday, who's written and directed some of Psych 's finest episodes, also hinted that the series' abbreviated eighth season might be its last.

"As we're nearing the end of the race"—nooooo!—we're trying to peel back the layers of [Shawn and Juliet's] relationship and treat it with the reverence that we hope it's entitled to."

Meanwhile, Gus is entitled to a romance of his own—and after six seasons of striking out, he finally gets lucky.

"This year Gus finally settles down a little bit and gets some love," Dulé told me. "And even gets a love triangle—that's a huge thing. Of course it's not always going to work out the way it's supposed to. But he's finally starting to get his feet wet in the area of love."

Gus did technically beat Shawn to the altar, but as Dulé pointed out, "He got married to crazy Mira and it was a shotgun-type, let's go do it."

Gus's ex was played to wack perfection by Kerry Washington, the lovely Django Unchained and Scandal star. Fighting for his affection this year are Parminder Nagra ( ER ), introduced in the season's second episode, and Garcelle Beauvais ( Franklin & Bash , NYPD Blue ).

Other highlights of Season 7 include several movie tributes— Clue , featuring Christopher Lloyd and other stars of the original film, and The In-Laws , with Arrested Development 's Jeffrey Tambor as Juliet's stepdad.

But the most-anticipated episode of all is the two-hour musical extravaganza! I can guarantee it is worth the wait because I was on set during filming and heard several of the original tracks. However, I've been sworn to secrecy, and even had to interview the actors in their trailers to avoid revealing any spoilers or details about the epic stage design.

Check out the following two videos for more from Roday and Dulé about what's ahead and other random musings. (Apologies for the sporadic static!)

Psych 's Season 7 premiere, "Santabarbaratown 2," airs tonight at 10pm on USA.

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