Pushing Daisies' Bryan Fuller Returning to TV, Thank God

Television fact number seven: everything is better when Bryan Fuller is involved. The television producer has one of the industry's most imaginative minds, filling his shows with a unique look and feel, poetic dialogue, and eccentricities galore. Television fact number eight: Everything Bryan Fuller does gets canceled WAY too early. Fuller is the genius mastermind behind Pushing Daisies (canceled after two wonderful seasons), Wonderfalls (axed just four episodes into its short-but-sweet life), and Dead Like Me (dumped after two seasons on cable).

Despite his lackluster track record in creating hit shows (as far as ratings are concerned), he's continuing on with two new projects--and we're more than okay with that.

Fuller will team up with Bryan Singer (Superman Returns) to produce Sellevision for NBC, says Variety. The hourlong dramedy is based on the Augusten Burroughs book about those involved with a home-shopping channel.

He also has another project in the works at NBC, which seems right in Fuller's comfort zone of quirkiness. Titled No Kill, the half-hour comedy (Fuller's first foray into that space) follows employees who work at a no-kill animal shelter. We can already envision talking cats and dogs serving as therapists to the socially-awkward staff.

NBC, you better hang onto Fuller for dear life. Hopefully both of these shows will be ready for next fall season.

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