Q&A with Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward

Cartoon Network is releasing its first algebraic Adventure Time DVD today, a collection of 12 episodes from the first two seasons of the cult hit. To help spread the word, I got on the phone with series creator Pendleton Ward, the genius behind the adventures of Finn the boy and his polymorphic dog Jake.

The first Adventure Time DVD contains a collection of episodes from the show's two seasons rather than all of Season 1. How come?

Pendleton Ward: I didn't really make that decision, but I did help in selecting some of the episodes, some of my favorites from Season 1 and Season 2. I really like "My Two Favorite People," that's one of the ones I worked on. I really like the ones I storyboarded. I really like "The Pods," it's really cute, I like cute things. And "Dungeon" is on there, which I think is one of the best, more adventure-y episodes. It's the most Dungeons & Dragons-y episode.

Do you have plans to put out a Season 1 or Season 2 DVD?

I'm not really involved in making those decisions—I just concentrate on making the show, y'know?

A recent episode featured an alternative universe where instead of Finn and Jake, we saw Fionna and Cake, a girl and her feline friend. Down the line, do you ever think Finn and Jake will ever meet Fionna and Cake? And how do you think they would get along?

That's a fan-fiction world. I'm not sure if we'll do that or not. We're considering it for sure. I get this email like twenty times a day, where people want them to meet up. "Please let them meet, Marshall Lee needs a line of dialogue!" Everyone's crazy about it. How would they hang out? I think they'd get along swell. I think it'd be a little awkward actually, because they're all wearing the same clothes, you know?

Adventure Time is on a hectic schedule. As soon as you finish one season, you start the next. How's the workload treating you?

It's a long haul. It's intense, but it's fun and you can't complain. It's super rewarding and it's a dream job. It's easier for me, recently two guys got promoted on my team—Adam Muto and Nick Hash—and they've taken on a lot of work I used to do. So my job now is I put notes on things, for the most part, and I chop down episodes. So my workload is a little bit less because these two dudes have taken on these things I used to do. But we're all one tightly oiled machine. [Laughs] Is that the phrase?

Is there any chance you'll do some longform Adventure Time projects?

Yeah, the network is interested in longform stories now, because they can call them "specials," so they can feel more special than a regular episode and can be advertised easier. So they're interested in us doing longer stories, half-hours or maybe a 45-minute episode or something. It's tricky, though, because so many of our episodes have epic storylines, where it's life and death situations or Finn is saving someone. To find something more epic for a feature would be kind of difficult.

Do you have any new guest voices coming up?

Bobcat Goldwaith did a voice recently. He did the voice of this big monster spider which catches Finn in his web. The spider has these gross webbing sputtering sounds that come out of his web hole. His wife thinks it's embarrassing, so she doesn't shoot the webs. He has to shoot the webs.

What can we look forward to in Season 3?

There's a Christmas special coming up that has a lot of characters from older episodes, everyone might end up seeing their favorite characters. It's a 22-minute long episode, and there's a really cool Ice King backstory.

Do you like messing with the Ice King? It seems like he never reaches his goal.

Sometimes he reaches his goal, but then he doesn't even want it anymore. He creates problems for himself. It's not like his problems never let him reach his goal, he just makes up new goals all the time. He's chaotic. I like letting him reach his goal and then having him switch gears and want something different.

Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People will be available on Tuesday, September 27.

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