Queensland is Spielberg's Terra Nova

The Queensland Minister for the Arts, Anna Bligh, confirmed that production of Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova will be primarily filming on the sunshine state.

Bligh stated in a press release yesterday: "Fox Broadcasting has today confirmed Queensland as the location of choice for Terra Nova, which comes from the brilliant minds of Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin and once again shows Queensland's ability to attract first-rate productions to the state."

She also stated that 80 per cent of the cast and crew will be Queenslanders.

The epic television "event" has an estimated budget of $150 million, a significant proportion of which will be a boost to the economy for Queensland.

Terra Nova will comprise of 13 one-hour episodes, which explores the fall-out from an eco-catastrophe stemming from over-development and the burden of supporting a bloated human population. As a last resort, the central characters dabble in a spot of time travel (how else would it be resolved?!) to address the root of the issue.

Executive vice president of production, Jim Sharp, stated numerous reasons behind the choice of Australia as the country of production: "Queensland had the right look, climate and terrain, a vibrant production community and attractive economic incentives."

The drama will be mostly filmed in the Gold Coast's Warner Roadshow Studios.

Terra Nova will be a massive boost to creative individuals across the whole of Australia, giving the acting and production communities a welcome boost, in a similar manner to the recent Spielberg production of the Second World War drama, The Pacific.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Life on Mars actor Jason O'Mara has been cast to play the central figure around which the action revolves.

Filming on Terra Nova is expected to commence in October 2010, with Alex Graves (The West Wing) and Jon Cassar (24) expected to direct the production.

You can talk about the upcoming productions on the TV.com forums -- give the film-makers some feedback about what you expect!

Are you excited about Terra Nova?

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Mar 20, 2012
I live in Queensland!

Please do not make such crappy TV shows in my state any more.
Aug 19, 2010
The fall season is just around the corner but luckily not only bad weather is coming our way, good series, amazing films and games our coming our way as well. As i'm officially now Facebook-ified by these voting contests (which will end first week of September), I will keep you updated on all must see shows, movies and must-play games and must have state of the art technology. Terra Nova, oh how i love science fiction!