QUICK QUESTION: Who Are the Most Hateable Characters on TV?

Drama is nothing if not a series of obstacles, and everyone knows the best obstacles are human-shaped. From villains who make heroes' lives harder to characters we as audience members simply can't stand, television is well-stocked with highly hateable individuals! (And that's not even including reality TV personalities).

Out of all the shows currently on the air, which fictional characters do YOU find most impossible to stand? And is it a love-to-hate situation, or is it alllll hate? Here are some options to jog your memory:

King Joffrey from Game of Thrones

Main Offense(s): General brattiness initially, then blood thirstiness, misogyny, and outright sadism.

Pete Campbell from Mad Men

Main Offense(s): Outing some characters, impregnating others, turning secretaries into hookers, and general backstabbery.

Conrad Grayson from Revenge

Main Offense(s): Cold-heartedness, ruthless ambition, and pathological lying.

Agent Kramer from White Collar

Main Offense(s): Um, how about trying to steal away our beloved Neal! (Understandable, but still.)

Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead

Main Offense(s): Well, there was the time she decided she wanted her child to die, but in retrospect WE wanted Carl to die also. No, Lori's here for being dishonest, manipulative, terrible at supervising children, and slightly dense.

LaGuerta from Dexter

Main Offense(s): Being TV's absolute worst law enforcement officer. Her career ambition pretty regularly ruins high-profile murder investigations. Fire this lady already!

Cartman from South Park

Main Offense(s): At this point Cartman's done every terrible thing under the sun, so right now let's just settle on that voice. Good lord does it grate.

Louis Litt from Suits

Main Offense(s): Slipperiness, condescension, and, well, LAWYER-NESS.

Clay from Sons of Anarchy

Main Offense(s): Hypocrisy, bad decision-making, and a poor disposition.

Dan from Veep

Main Offense(s): Scary ambition, ease with evil, and straight-up douchebaggery.

Ellis from Smash

Main Offense(s): Professional eavesdropper and smoothie saboteur. (We're pretty glad this guy will be gone next season.)

Sheri from Touch

Main Offense(s): Bossiness, callousness, custody-stealing-ness, and being a bummer on two legs.

Joy from The Big C

Main Offense(s): Inappropriate man-eating, bragging, and [SPOILER] ill-advised jaywalking.

Dick Roman from Supernatural

Main Offense(s): Being a literal monster, a creepy masochist, and a corn-syrup enthusiast.

Ben Diamond from Magic City

Main Offense(s): Leading the mob, having not one but two mysteriously dead wives, and being an all-around bad guy. That his nickname is "The Butcher" says a lot.

Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones

Main Offense(s): Disloyalty, dishonor, bad decision-making, and unintentional incest-dabbling.

Dana from Homeland

Main Offense(s): Pouting, whining, being difficult, having shady friends, and seeming like an actual teenager.

Josh from Terra Nova

Main Offense(s): Okay, this show is dead but never forget: Josh was the worst.

Sadie from Awkward.

Main Offense(s): Pettiness, jealousy, hypocrisy, and all-around sassery.

Vicki from Community

Main Offense(s): Irrelevance, neediness, and pulling a Leeroy Jenkins during paintball.

Andy Bellefleur from True Blood

Main Offense(s): Being TOO cartoonish on a show that is already basically a live-action cartoon.

Everyone from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Main Offense(s): Everything?

YOUR TURN! Which TV characters do YOU find to be most hateable?

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