Quit Complaining About Jersey Shore

As has been reported everywhere (a fact almost certainly met with jubilation by the MTV marketing department), an Italian-American "service organization" (per their website) is upset about the most-anticipated reality show of the fortnight, MTV's Jersey Shore. In the promos available on YouTube, lots of wonderful things happen, wonderful things that have been dismissed as "trash television" by UNICO National:

Amazing. This show is going to be so good! But as our own Richard Lawson pointed out earlier today, there's not really anything to actually get upset about. The show is not called "Stupid Italians," and it does not purport to be an accurate depiction of an entire ethnicity. In fact, it's never really mentioned in the promo that the stars of the show are Italian. According to THR, UNICO's primary complaint is "that 'Jersey Shore' relies on crude stereotypes and highlights cursing, bad behavior and violence in depicting renters at a New Jersey beach house." Well yeah, that's why I can't wait to watch it? But the crude stereotype thing doesn't really work because the people who have agreed to be on the show aren't (presumably) playing parts, they are just behaving as they usually would (like morons) in front of a camera. And if it's the cursing and bad behavior that UNICO has a problem with, well they're going to be really busy going nuts every time an Italian (or literally any other ethnicity) curses on TV. I mean, has UNICO seen Cake Boss? Those guys curse AND contribute to this country's obesity problem!

Chill out, UNICO, and remember that "hating is a full-time job." The Godfather is not representative of all Italians, neither is L'Avventura, and neither is Jersey Shore. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that the people on Jersey Shore exist. They aren't being lampooned, they are being themselves. Regardless of their ancestry, I'm just glad there's a camera to document their antics. It's going to be fantastic television.

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