Quiz: Can You Identify These Production End Credits?

Many sites devoted to television have spent valuable man hours dissecting the art of opening credits, but what about those final snippets at the end of an TV episode that flash the show's production credits? There's an art to those, too, especially when you realize how many of them have subliminally raided your subconsciousness and carved out a home there. So, it's time to test how well you really know your beloved TV shows from start to finish, by guessing which of the following production credits belong to which shows.

Below, you'll find the production cards from 20+ TV series; many of them are fairly current, but we've included a few shows from the old days (the '80s!) as well. Also: It's important to note that some of the cards are (or have been) used on multiple shows. Once you've made your best guesses, click over to Page 2 to see the answers, and let us know how you did in the comments. And no Googling allowed! You owe it to yourself!

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The Answers:

How do you think you did? Are you feeling confident? Don't forget to post your scores in the comments, and be honest. We have algorithms that will tell us if you're lying.

1. Battlestar Galactica

Maybe the posters in the background gave this one away. R&D; TV is the production company created by Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D. Moore and producer David Eick. That's the two of them dogging it out! There are a bunch of variations on this one, too—some involve shark attacks, papercuts, and de-boning—but each one ends the same way: with Mortal Kombat-like fatalities!

2. Bones

Who knows what this one is all about, really, but it does a good job of making us want to go outside after watching TV.

3. American Horror Story, Glee

This is one half of the Brad Falchuk-Ryan Murphy duo responsible for the Fox and FX hits. The image appears to be pretty personal, so you'll have to ask Falchuck what it means. Or we can make one up on the spot: He used to retreat to the beautiful, serene beaches of Martha's Vineyard so that he could come up with ideas for shows featuring transsexuals, horny plastic surgeons chasing serial killers, and rubber-suit wearing gimp ghosts.

4. Family Ties

"Sit, Ubu, Sit! Good Dog." Yes! Of course you got it! And you were also correct if you remembered this one from Brooklyn Bridge, The Bronx Zoo, and/or Spin City. The dog pictured was named Ubu Roi and died in 1984. But let's not give the pooch too much credit; he never sat, he just stood there with a Frisbee in his mouth.

5. The Simpsons

Sssshhhh! Yes! The Simpsons! Of course! But Gracie Films also produced The Tracey Ullman Show, The Critic, Sibs, Phenom, and What About Joan, so if you had any of those answers, give yourself extra credit. Bonus trivia: According to YouTube commenters, this logo was scary to a lot of children.

6. Anything Joss Whedon

This appears at the end of Whedon's shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog. Why Mutant Enemy? It's taken from a Yes song, of which Whedon is apparently a fan. Whedon drew the logo and provided the "Grr. Argh" himself, then added variants where appropriate.

7. Burn Notice

This one also appeared at the tail end of that short-lived show The Good Guys. Rumor has it the credit was inspired by creator Matt Nix's son, who thought the glass of milk should have shoes.

Video unavailable! Sorry!

8. Cougar Town

So what do you get when you cross a COx and an ArQUETTE? You get Courteney Cox and David Arquette's production company. Simple, really.

9. House

"That's some bad hat, Harry" is a line from Jaws, and you can learn all about it here in this episode of our old video series Teletrivia.

10. Anything J.J. Abrams

This was a "gimme" for all you who'd been skunked so far. If you answered Alias, Lost, What About Brian, Six Degrees, Fringe, Undercovers, Person of Interest, and/or Alcatraz, pat yourself on the back. If you somehow got this one wrong, you obviously need to watch more TV.

11. Parenthood

According to lengthy forums on dog websites, the consensus is that the pup in the picture is definitely a labradoodle.

12. Modern Family

Named after creators Christopher Lloyd and Steve Levitan. Those little heads are all the folks in the cast.

13. Raising Hope

As anyone who's taken one day of Spanish knows, "Amigos de Garcia" translates to "Friends of Garcia," a reference to series creator Greg Garcia. Another credit that changes from show to show, this one features the faces of different people who work on the program. Amigos de Garcia did a similar thing on My Name is Earl, which Garcia also created.

14. Anything David E. Kelley

This one of a grandma yelling out, "You Stinkah!" can be seen at the end of all of David E. Kelley's shows, including The Practice, Boston Public, Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, and Harry's Law. There have been a few variations on this theme, including one with a kid and a hockey puck (embedded below) and one with a roller skating grandma, but the "stinkah" line, rumored to be voiced by Kelley's actual grandma, is heard in all of them.

15. The X Files

This company was named after show creator's Chris Carter's birthday, October 13th. We're not sure who said, "I made this!" though.

16. 30 Rock

That's totally Tina Fey's little daughter dressed as the NBC peacock.

17. Chuck

You may have been tempted to answer Gossip Girl or Hart of Dixie, but you'd be wrong. True, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage's production company Fake Empire produces both GG and Dixie, but the end credits logo is actually customized for each show. Chuck's features sketches of Converse, a laptop, the Nerd Herd car, and other things from the show. Gossip Girl's features New York landmarks and cabs, and Hart of Dixie's has a stethoscope and George's pick-up truck among its clues. We don't know where the name comes from, but we're just going to assume Josh Schwartz is a big fan of The National.

18. Everybody Loves Raymond

This cool credit featured rotating food items! Though David Letterman's Worldwide Pants was also involved with Everybody Loves Raymond, this was the mainstay production company for the show.

19. Martin

Perhaps this one is too easy for diehard Martin fans, as it's just a huge ol' reference to the show's catchphrase, "You Go, Girl!"

20. Law & Order

And for those of you who watched New York Undercover and Arrest & Trial, you would've seen it at the end of those shows, too.

Alright, let's hear it: How'd you do?

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