Racy Rafters in trouble

Packed to the Rafters in trouble. (Image by Rachel Hofton, CC2.0)" link="/packed-to-the-rafters/show/76083/summary.html" target="_blank" loc="right">

The fantasies of Nathan Rafter get Seven into trouble.

An episode of Packed to the Rafters last year has been slapped by the industry watchdog for its sexy scenes.

The Australian Media and Communications Authority has upheld a complaint and deemed the scenes inappropriate for the PG rating given by Channel Seven.

In the episode, Nathan (Angus McLaren) was dealing with a tempting work colleague whose pursuit of him was playing on his mind. One scene discreetly filmed him fantasising while masturbating. When Sammy (Jessica McNamee) walked in on Nathan he covered his embarrassment, pulling down his shirt and awkwardly explaining "Everyone does it".

The episode also had a number of other music-video-style fantasy scenes for some of the male characters, Ben (Hugh Sheridan) and Carbo (George Houvardas).

When it aired it attracted quite a bit of press, due to complaints online and on talkback radio.

"We are totally disgusted with this last episode. An insult to the actors. This is not what we expected. This [has] caused us to stop watching this as a family," wrote one outraged fan.

"I used to love Packed to the Rafters when it was a nice, wholesome family show. Now the writers have gone off on stupid tangents with all those 'fantasies' the characters are supposed to be having. Why do writers spoil good shows by pushing the envelope by showing young men supposedly 'satisfying' themselves? Gimme a break!" wrote another.

Most seemed to suggest that viewers expect Rafters to be safe, inoffensive viewing, which is a wake-up call for the producers and network. Viewers seem to have forgotten the show touched upon domestic violence in its first episode. Maybe violence is "OK", sex isn't ... or perhaps they saw some of it for what it was ... montage filler.

In any case, ACMA said the scene was inappropriate for a PG rating, and pointed out the show actually aired at 8:30pm, which allows M-rated content. Had the show been rated M there would be have been no issue with ACMA.

This week Nine was also found to have breached the Code of Practice over an episode of Dante's Cove, with some scenes including fellatio and nudity that were too extended for television even with an MA classification.

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May 21, 2010
I can't stand it when people complain over stuff like that - There;s no use pretending that stuff doesn't happen in all houses, No family no matter how perfect they think they are can honestly say no-one in there house has ever had those "fantasies" and "awkward moments" aren't exactly restricted to the lower classes either...Some people need to get more of a life and stop b*tching about miniscule little things like this - No better way to ensure something lives on than to b*tch about it so much.