Raising Hope Goes to Court for Its Season Finale

Raising Hope S02E22: “I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back”

Okay, so my evil(er) twin theory was wrong. It’s cool. I wasn’t particularly hoping for an evil twin storyline, I just thought that having serial killer mommy Lucy miraculously survive her tangle with Old Sparky would have been weird.

Make no mistake, it WAS weird, but it worked in a Wacky Sitcom Hijinks kind of way.

So Lucy was electrocuted, saw the light, was promptly rejected from the light (via Ed Begley, Jr.!), and ran away from the devil to miraculously wake up in her crispy body en route to the morgue. Freaked out by what could only mean an impending zombie invasion, the prison guards promptly attempted to beat the undead Lucy back to the grave. So she sued the pants off of them and got all of her serial killer charges dropped.

Why haven’t we seen Lucy in the two years since her “execution?” Well, she was off doing the Tibetan Monk thing. At the end of last week’s “Inside Probe,” Lucy made her big return, so “I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back” was all about wresting custody of her precious Princess Beyonce from the Chance family.


She succeeded because she had an excellent lawyer who moved to have all references to her bloody past stricken from the record and padded the jury with the “Natesville 12,” a dozen miners who'd been trapped underground during the six months in which Lucy’s original killing spree went down. Meanwhile, the Chances had to make do with the counsel they could afford, which didn’t give them many options. Virginia promptly developed stage fright on the stand and sunk into a grammatically cringe-worthy monologue that brought to mind a Q & A session on a regional beauty pageant. Burt did alright with the cheat sheet scribbled on his palms...until part of it sweated away.

Jimmy, of course, swooped in and saved the day with his sketchbook full of parenting memories, Hope’s rock collection, and a sweet, heartfelt speech about how even though the Chances are poor and dysfunctional, they love Hope, and that’s the most important thing to remember.

Oh, wait, did I say he saved the day? I’m sorry, that was an overstatement on my part, the Natesville 12 opted to award custody of Hope to Lucy because when they were trapped underground for six months, it was their mothers whom they missed the most.

Then things got oddly emotional for Raising Hope. Virginia and Burt ended up in a brawl with the guards, and Jimmy just stood in stunned silence as Hope was handed over to Lucy. And then, after a particularly cutting remark by Lucy to Hope—“You’ll miss your daddy, but he COULD have come with us to Tibet”—Jimmy grudgingly joined his deranged wife (oh yeah, they’re technically still married, too) and decided to go so that he could be with his daughter.

At this point, I kept glancing at the time, knowing that this episode was the season finale, crazy curious about where the cliffhanger would end up. Things were shaping up to be “Jimmy Goes to Tibet and the Chances are Sad” until Lucy & Co. drove past a moping Sabrina on the way to the airport. Jimmy and Sabrina shared awkward looks of longing through the car window, prompting Lucy to pull over and bait Jimmy with something pretending to be a heartfelt discussion about love.

Then she jumped out of the car to chase Sabrina down with a hunting knife...and was quickly flattened by the Smokey Floyd band bus being driven by Carl the Blind Guy from that episode with the Seeing Eye Pig.

And everyone rejoiced. Hope’s custody was restored to the Chances. Maw Maw confessed to murdering her husband while they were still in the courtroom and everyone conveniently ignored her.

So...catch you next season, folks! What would you like to see when Raising Hope returns for Season 3?

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