Raising Hope, the Premiere of Traffic Light, and John Corbett on Parenthood

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8 p.m., FOX


Finn (Cory Monteith) gets cocky and sets up a kissing booth to raise money for New Directions, but it doesn't go over well. Seriously, when are kissing booths ever a good idea? (Oh, wait. There was this one time.)

9 p.m., FOX

Raising Hope

Jimmy (Lucas Neff) strikes up a friendship with another antisocial single dad, but things get awkward when he realizes that Virginia (Martha Plimpton) is his new pal’s housekeeper.

9 p.m., CW


The Hellcats finally initiate Marti (Alyson Michalka)—which means they kidnap her and tell her about how they all became Hellcats, too. OMG girl talk! Bunnies! Nail polish! Pillow fights!

Series premiere, 9:30 p.m., FOX

Traffic Light

In the premiere of this weirdly titled but charming new sitcom, we meet three college buddies in three different stages of life—Mike (The Office’s David Denman), who is married; Adam (Nelson Franklin), who just moved in with his girlfriend; and Ethan (Kris Marshall), who is really enjoying the single life.

10 p.m., NBC


Haddie (Sarah Ramos) runs into Alex (Michael B. Jordan) while she's out with Amber (Mae Whitman) and Max (Max Burkholder)—and Drew (Miles Heizer) agrees to have breakfast with his father (guest star John Corbett, who is not at all like Aidan this time around).

10 p.m., COMEDY


Daniel reveals his unaired Super Bowl commercial and challenges the “Evolution of Dance” guy to a dance-off. Who else suspects we're about to see Tosh in his underwear and a Darth Vader mask?

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