Rat Pack sends one American Idol packing

At this stage in the game, it’s anyone’s guess who will get the American Idol axe (but Adam in the bottom three? Really? I mean really people…). Yet it seemed only natural that Matt Giraud, the Idol saved from the fiery pits of elimination once, would be voted off again by fans. They could always bring him back again with the 'opps you picked the wrong Idol, America' card…but probably not because that card doesn’t exist (although it should in the case of Taylor Hicks).

Giraud, who sang "My Funny Valentine" on Tuesday to a shockingly ravishing review from the only Idol judge that matters, was not too broken up about the loss.

"Going out with Simon calling you brilliant and comparing you to Nat King Cole is pretty much the best way you could go…I was at complete peace with myself," he said in a conference call Thursday.

The 23-year old dueling piano player was in the bottom three with fellow contestants Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, making last night a nail biter of an American Idol. But Giraud said that it was never his goal to win.

"I never came in wanting to be the American Idol," he said. "My dream was to play the piano on that stage and meet those mentors…we've seen 5th place contestant go on to be as popular or more so than the winners. So I’m just happy to have made it this far."

As for the best piece of advice he received on the show, Giraud responded with something that seems obvious, but has stumped many an Idol in the past.

"There are a million songs that you love and they move you. But there are only so many that you can sing. As musicians you want to go with what moves you but sometimes you have to go with the song that is right for you," he said.

You hear that, American Idol contestants? Just because you CAN sing "Hungry Like the Wolf" (a top 500 rock song, the rumored theme for next week) doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Did America get it right this week? Who, I say who, is going to be voted off next?

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Brilliant idea, erislil. I had to do that last year when I would read "The Best TV of 2008" and something about The Shield's series finale would come up.
Do like me, i don't even open my e - mails when i haven't seen the results show yet....

Dude, the results were Wednesday night. If you haven't watched it by now, why are you getting online at all? yahoo, msn, everybody has been talking about who got kicked off of the most popular/talked-about show on TV. You can't be mad at tv.com at all. If you didn't want to know, you shouldn't even be CLOSE to an internet (or TV for that matter) until you watched for yourself. A few years back, I watched something on tv.com that ruined a season finale of The Shield; but it was my own fault, as this is YOUR won fault. Not tv.com
This is the second time tv.com has ruined my tivo'ed show results. ARRRRRRRRRG!

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