Ray Romano Is Interviewing to Be The Office's Boss

... One of the big questions regarding the next television season is, "Who is going to run Dunder-Mifflin?" With Steve Carell calling it a career on The Office, the high-profile gig is up for grabs. Will Ferrell and Will Arnett are already confirmed to appear in this season's finale as potential bosses, and now you can add Ray Romano, James Spader, and British comedian Catherine Tate to the list. That trio has been added to the finale, and if I had to guess, Tate's getting the job as the others are either committed to other projects, too expensive, or both. [TV Line]

... Netflix has purchased the streaming rights to Mad Men, and the first four seasons will become available on July 27. This is great news, as I love to watch Netflix Watch Instantly in bed to help me fall asleep. With Mad Men, I should be out in no time. [Variety]

... This one is for me: Sports Show with Norm MacDonald, Comedy Central's Daily Show for sports but without the daily part, will premiere April 12. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Today host/anchor Meredith Vieira might be stepping down from her post to spend more time with her ailing husband. She joined The Today Show in 2006 to sit next to Matt Lauer, replacing Katie Couric. [TV Guide]

... HBO previewed its fantasy epic Game of Thrones Sunday night, and the numbers are in. 720,000 people watched the preview, according to numbers pulled out of a hat. EW's James Hibberd doesn't think that number is very impressive, but considering that a) it was just a preview that wasn't advertised much (I couldn't even find it on my cable guide) and b) it was made available online, I don't think we have a very good indication of what the show's premiere numbers will be. This thing is going to be huge. [EW]

... IMPORTANT NEWS: Science Channel, home of the awesome How It's Made, is now just plain old "Science." Hey, it's better than renaming it SyChy. [Deadline Hollywood]

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