Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Crazy, Quotable Alison Dubois

I never watched Medium, so you’ll have to fill me in. Did Patricia Arquette’s Alison DuBois drink and say terrible things a lot? I’m guessing no, but real-life medium Alison has made quite an impression on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As a guest at Camille Grammer’s infamous “Dinner Party From Hell,” she downed extra-large martinis and puffed on an electronic cigarette while waging war against Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick. It was painful to watch—in other words, great television. And being the savvy network that it is, Bravo decided to draw things out just a little longer.

On Tuesday night, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gave us one last bonus episode—at least until the inevitable second season. "The Dinner Party From Hell: Producer’s Cut" was basically more of the same, except longer and more horrifying. I remained fixated on Alison DuBois, who has since blamed her nasty behavior on Bravo’s editing. If that were the case, an extended episode should have rounded out her character, right? Nope! Those tricksy Real Housewives editors included even more absurd quotes from the nutty psychic.

Here are the top 10 cruelest, strangest, and most self-indulgent Alison DuBois quotes that the editors didn’t include in the original episode. Maybe they were trying to spare her?

10. “They’re not ladies. They’re shady ladies.”

9. “You’re thinking. I’m feeling. That’s how we’re different. You over-think everything, because it’s too hard to feel it.”

8. “You all were irritating me. I was appeasing you.”

7. “[Kyle] backtracked. She should have been a lawyer … That’s interesting, but I profile serial killers. You’re very weak.”

6. “Kelsey [Grammer] could kick their teeth out.”
5. “Garbage of rubies and diamonds. They are a garbage bin of jewels.”

4. “When [Kyle] gets to the end of her life, she’s not going to look at it and say, ‘Oh, I did a good job defiling and irritating everybody I knew.’ She’ll be like, ‘Wow, nobody cares where I am right now. That sucks.’”

3. “[Kyle] can spin her web that she’s right tonight, but she’s going to have to live the rest of her life and I know what it is.”

2. “Lucifer has many faces.”

1. “In biology, like, carnivores turn on each other … One of them will kill the other to feed their young, if they don’t eat their young. That’s those women.”

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No, the "Medium" portrayal of Allison DuBois was nothing like that. I doubt the show would have lasted more than 2 episodes if she had been! I have never been impressed with the real Allison, I have seen interviews with her and read her books and she really isn't a very nice person so I think the producers played her down rather than up. I'll bet the producers of "Medium" cringed when they saw it and were glad the show had been axed. She has been a 'consultant' for the show for a very long time.
Alison Dubois - Truly the nastiest, ugliest piece of work I've ever come across anywhere, anytime, dead or alive, past, present or future. Desperately needs a stake through her heart.
No. The faux-Alison Dubois wasn't like that, thank goodness. I wonder if the real Ms Dubois is really that mean or if TPTB told her to play it up? Reality programming usually gets a "boost" of some sort to make it more appealing.

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