Real O.C. not happy about Real O.C.

MTV's Real World: Laguna Beach has become a hit on the former music network, chronicling the trials and tribulation of rich teens. The show is now in its third season and has spawned a minor TV celebrity in Kristin Cavalleri.

But parents who live in Laguna Beach and have seen the show are sending up a red flag, telling The New York Times this week that their town is nothing like the show.

"This is not depicting our town the way it should be depicted," said mother of three Lisa Arthur. "Our town is about art and culture, and school should be about education."

Parents' groups are "disgusted over the portrayal of their community" and are banding together in an attempt to stop the MTV production. The parents met with school board members last week in an effort to keep MTV from filming at high schools graduation ceremonies in town.

The school board defended itself by saying MTV was less than forthright about their intentions.

"There was some thought we could control content," school board member Betsy Jenkins told the parents. "[MTV was] calling it a documentary at the time. Of course, no one would have O.K.'d the show that came to be."

Former PTA president Ketta Brown summed up her feelings with a succint barb, saying, "I thought it was boneheaded... I would never let my child participate, and hopefully it will die a natural death."

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