Reality roundup: more Survivor, Apprentice

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Survivor Survives

CBS's Survivor certainly is living up to its name. CBS saw no point in giving the go-ahead to just one more edition of the hit reality show and has OK'd two more editions--the 17th and 18th of the long-running program.

Both editions will air during the 2008-2009 season, and casting is currently underway for edition 17. The locales of the two new editions have not yet been announced. CBS also extended the contract of host Jeff Probst, who dropped this nugget of obviousness: "I still get excited to get on the plane and travel to another exotic location with another group of adventure seeking, Type-A personalities. It is without a question the best job I've ever had."

The 16th edition of Survivor, Survivor: Micronesia, begins airing February 7.

Celebs still in business with Trump

Though the premiere edition of Celebrity Apprentice hasn't crowned a winner yet, NBC decided the time was right to green-light a second edition of the series. The new version will still take place in Donald Trump's stomping grounds of New York City, but will feature an all-new cast of celebrities. Expect the new edition to premiere in January 2009.

NBC also announced that the finale of edition one will be live and held before a studio audience on March 27 at 9 p.m.

Judge Judy sentenced to 2012

Long-time TV judge Judy Sheindlin--better known as Judge Judy--isn't hanging up her robes anytime soon. Sheindlin has signed a deal to keep her show Judge Judy on the air through 2012, reports the New York Daily News. Details of the deal weren't disclosed, but Sheindlin allegedly received a raise on her previous contract, which racked up a whopping $30 million a year (editor's note: holy crap!).

"I'm not complaining and my grandkids aren't either," Sheindlin told the news outlet. (editor's note: I am complaining).

Judge Judy has been on the air since 1996.

Michael Vick's dogs to be subject of reality show

Disgraced NFL superstar Michael Vick may be behind bars, but the dogs that helped put him there are being given a second chance. The 20-plus pooches rescued from Vick's dogfighting facility have been shipped off to a rehabilitation facility in Utah where they will be the subject of...a stint on a new reality series!

National Geographic will focus on a handful of the meanest pit bulls rescued in its show Dogtown, says The New York Post. The show premiered earlier this year.

Dad competition bumps babies

NBC has finally resolved its daddy issues. The network has decided to bump up the premiere of My Dad is Better Than Your Dad to February 18, the time slot abandoned once American Gladiators exits, says Variety. Onetime Burger-King pitchman and MTV Sports host Dan Cortese will preside over the show.

"Social experiment"-slash-child-torture-hyphen-lawsuit-in-the-making show Baby Borrowers was originally planned for the time slot, but NBC thinks Dad fits the testosterone-fueled night better. Baby Borrowers sees five teenage couples thrown into a responsible lifestyle by caring for kids of various ages. Seriously.

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