Rebecca Romijn finds her inner witch

When thinking of witches, two types come to mind: green-skinned hags with crooked noses, bug-eyes, warts, and rotting teeth, and sultry vixens in skin tight robes, able to control men without even reaching into their eye of newt. With the latest casting news for ABC's Eastwick, we're guessing former model and still-a-hottie Rebecca Romijn will play the latter.

Romijn has signed on to play the lead in ABC's small-screen adaptation of the film and book The Witches of Eastwick, reports Variety. ABC is already Romijn's boss, as the actress currently recurs on Ugly Betty.

As Roxie Torcoletti, Romijn will play the leader of a trio of women who discover they have witch-like powers when a mysterious man comes to town. Also signed on to the show are Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle) and Jaime Ray Newman (Veronica Mars) as the other witches, and Paul Gross as the mysterious stranger.

Life on Mars' Gretchen Mol was also rumored to be up for the part of Roxie.

Is Rebecca Romijn suitably witchy enough for you?

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