Red Dwarf is resurrected

The brand-new three-part special, entitled Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, reunites the original crew over twenty years since their first show this Good Friday.

Digital channel Dave announced Red Dwarf's return in January, and since then the show's stars have been busy filming their latest space adventure. The crew help fulfil Dave Lister’s (Craig Charles) lifelong dream and finally make their way back to Earth.

The new series also welcomes a new face to the team. Peep Show's Sophie Winkleman will be giving Chris Barrie's character Rimmer a run for his money by joining the cast as his holographic replacement, Katerina. Don't panic though--Rimmer has no intention of stepping down without a fight.

Speaking about the show’s comeback in his UKTV blog, Barrie admits: "Like millions of fans and everyone involved with the making of Red Dwarf, I eagerly await the transmission of 'Back to Earth' over the Easter weekend."

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth will kick-start a special weekend dedicated to the comedy on Dave and will be accompanied by a behind-the-scenes episode entitled Red Dwarf: The Making of Back to Earth.

An unplugged half-hour episode, shot entirely without sets, special effects or autocue, was also scheduled in January but was later cancelled. A full comeback, however, is rumoured to be on the cards.

Barrie adds in his blog: "There is no doubt that the fairly intense filming schedule meant that cast and crew had to work very hard to finish the shoot, but all in all I would say that the whole experience has put most of us in the mood to do some more -- a series maybe? A special? Dare I mention it, a movie?! We'll see…"

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth premieres on Dave this Friday, April 10, at 9pm and will continue at the same time on Saturday and Sunday. The behind-the-scenes documentary follows the last of the three episodes at 9:30pm on Sunday, April 12.

PICTURES: See images from the new show here.

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