Regis and 3D

Halloween is the one day of the year that spooks and frights aren't only tolerated, they're expected. And what better way to scare the bejesus out of people than putting Regis Philbin in living rooms across America?

On today's episode of Live With Regis and Kelly, the popular early-morning talk show, the hosts announced that the Halloween edition of the program will be presented in 3D, according to Walgreens will sponsor the episode.

In order to see the images pop off the screen, viewers will have to be wearing the well-known blue-and-red-lensed glasses. The glasses can be picked up for free from the photo department of a participating Walgreens drug store, or can be obtained through the mail (see the official Live With Regis and Kelly Web site for more details).

In this year's Halloween episode, Philbin and cohost Kelly Ripa are expected to change costumes several times and do some antics for the audience watching in 3D, such as "spraying water or throwing knives and spears toward the camera."

"Halloween is a time when you want to thrill the audience, and I think we're planning on things that will be thrilling," Live executive producer Michael Gellman said.

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