Remember Omar Gooding? He's Now On Miami Medical

Every once in a while, a star reemerges onto the TV landscape who's been sorely missed, and there is much rejoicing. Mark-Paul Gosselaar popped up a few years ago on Raising The Bar—which, while terrible, offered some long-haired Zack Morris action. And Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Motheris legen—wait for it—dary. Tonight's premiere of Miami Medical seemingly isn't that special. It's a show about zany doctors who work in a trauma facility, and on paper resembles every show, ever. But it's special, oh yes, because it stars Omar Gooding.

Remember him? Sure, he's the younger brother of notable snow-dog-sled-driver Cuba Gooding, Jr., but for years Omar Gooding was the host of Wild And Crazy Kids, where kids competed against each other in physical challenges. It aired in the early '90s on Nickelodeon, so if you're my age (late 20s), you probably watched it as obsessively as I did. It was a high-energy show starring kids who were 8-12 years old—just like me!—and taped episodes at malls and water parks, which to me were the greatest places on earth.

Omar Gooding was one of the three hosts (two male, one female). The other guy, the catchily named Donnie Jeffcoat, also stayed on for the show's entirety; the girl at the start was Annette Chavez, who was later replaced by Jessica Gaynes. I know all this because the opening credits are seared into my brain, as are Gooding's "wild and crazy" antics—the kind of high-energy muckrakery reserved for children's birthday parties and corporate retreats. Enjoy this little trip down memory lane, and, um, watch Miami Medical or something tonight.

The opening credits from Wild and Crazy Kids:

Gooding hosting one of the games. Awesome Fresh Prince haircut, guy:

Not the best quality video, but my favorite game by far, Blap Bucket:

What other stars from childhood shows do you wish would emerge on primetime TV?

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