Remembering Designing Women's Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter, known for her portrayal of Julia Sugarbaker on the late-'80s/early-'90s show Designing Women, passed away last weekend at age 70. The role of Ms. Sugarbaker—an iron fist in a velvet glove—pioneered the role of the strong, outspoken female character, and left an everlasting and importantly progressive impression on TV.

In honor of Carter's influential career, we've rounded up a few of her memorable performances.

Julia sets Miss Georgia World straight about her talented sister, Suzanne:

In this episode from 1987, Julia spoke out against the hatred and lies surrounding the AIDS epidemic:

Even Julia made a fool of herself sometimes, but still, she did it so gracefully:

Julia explains what it takes to be a women to a few misguided men:

At her son's wedding, Ms. Sugarbaker breaks out a very memorable rendition of "Sweet Georgia Brown":

What are your favorite Dixie Carter moments?

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