Report: Reaper 'likely' renewed

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The roller coaster ride of emotions for Reaper fans continues, as the CW supernatural comedy has hit another peak (or is rushing down a steep slope, depending on one's affinity for coasters).

Just weeks after Reaper seemed on the outs at the CW, a reversal of fortune may be happening. E! Online cites a source claiming that Reaper will "likely" be renewed. recently talked to Reaper star Bret Harrison (interview to post later this month) about the chances of the show's return, and he was "optimistic."

"If you had asked me a week ago, I would have said no," an "insider" tells E! about Reaper's chances. "But there have been a few changes, and now it’s looking like it'll probably get the green light."

Also looking at good fortune--and this is no surprise--is the modern-day take of Beverly Hills, 90210. The show has been fast-tracked since it was announced earlier this year.

It isn't all roses over at the CW, though. The same insiders claim that critics' darling (and darling) Aliens in America will not be back last season, as suspected. I think it's time for a Save Aliens in America campaign. Watch this clip to see why.

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