Report: Terminator is done

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Networks love to play coy about the future of their shows. Even if they know the answer to the question of whether or not "Show X" will be back or not, they just smile and say, "We haven't made a decision yet." Heck, even when the new fall schedules are posted without "Show X," networks tend to be cagey. Just rip off the Band-Aid already!

Networks may have a hard time dumping shows, but show insiders have no problem dishing on the relationship between studio execs and the programs they air. And the latest chatter inside Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles isn't good.

According to's Michael Ausiello (who in the past has been very reliable) Fox has already made the decision to cancel Terminator. Ausiello cites the ever-present inside source, who says, "It's done. Everybody has pretty much known for a couple of weeks." Another source says, "Consider it cancelled."

And what does Fox say? "No decision has been made yet."

Terminator fans can keep their fingers crossed for a last-minute pardon, but it doesn't look good. Let the comment explosion begin!

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