Revenge Q&A: Gabriel Mann and Nick Wechsler on Stealing Scenes and Working with Madeleine Stowe (VIDEO)

Either one of my parents is part leprechaun or I swallowed a horseshoe in my sleep, but somehow I was lucky enough to get a few minutes on the phone this week with Jack and Nolan—I mean, Nick Wechsler and Gabriel Mann—from ABC's Revenge.

Full disclosure: I chatted with the guys via satellite, so they were on camera chatting with my disembodied voice, and I was pretty starstruck, even on the phone. But I have to say I was very impressed by how funny, articulate, and genuinely happy with their jobs these two are. Is it possible that real-life Jack and Nolan are even more fun than their counterparts? You be the judge.

Personally I couldn’t be more excited to see how Revenge's clearly affectionate cast tears into each other in the next few weeks. What do you predict for the series' return?

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