Revenge Set Visit: The Art of Grayson Manor (PHOTOS)

Earlier this summer, TV.Com was invited to tour Grayson Manor, the epic mansion in which the most scandalous family in all the "Hamptons" schemes, dreams, and gets loose on pills. The set-design mistress of Revenge's grandest residence has put incredible consideration in filling the house with a range of artwork; naturally we took a bunch of photos so we could share it all with you. Victoria worked selling forgeries and Conrad routinely hides terrorism evidence behind paintings, so who knows what secrets for Season 2 these masterpieces could be concealing? Why not join us in investigating the Graysons' treasures and perhaps picking up a few tips for turning your own home into an elegantly appointed refuge in which you can sip gin from a teacup and craft an elaborate plan to lock a little girl away in a mental asylum? Here's a closer look at the 21 most striking pieces we saw.

Revenge: The Art of Grayson Manor


1. Will any of these items figure into Season 2, do you think?

2. Which of these pieces would you hang up in your own home?

3. Is Revenge home to one of the best sets in the biz?

4. Where would you rather live: Victoria Grayson's manor, Emily's airy beach house, or Nolan's contemporary palace?

Revenge returns for Season 2 this Sunday, September 30 at 9pm on ABC.

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