Revenge: We Made a Special Bingo Card for Your Season Finale Viewing Party

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Is anyone else counting down the hours until tonight's Revenge finale? Of course I am hosting a viewing gala complete with tea cups full of hard liquor, and so of COURSE I had to make a finale bingo card. Are you kidding? Competition is the lifeblood of parties. Print out your own card or cards for your Revenge viewing delight and play like so: Put a penny or button over each square after the action or object described within it appears in the episode, and the first person to get a full row wins.

"But if our cards are all the same, won't we all get bingo?" It's all about being the most eagle-eyed, guys! It's a race to that sweet moment when you notice that Jack is wearing a wig and shoot up from your seat screaming "THAT'S A WIG, BEEYOTCHES! FIVE IN A ROW! BOW BEFORE THE MASTER!" and simultaneously knock the teapot of Maker's Mark to the floor. Or if you'd prefer to have a drink every time a square comes up, I can't tell you what to do, but I CAN tell you that tonight's Revenge is going to be absolutely awesome.

Click the image to see the larger, hi-res version.

P.S. If you haven't already, you can still make your finale predictions here.

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