Richard and Judy talk cannabis

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Richard and wife Judy Finnegan were left red faced earlier this year after saying their children were vehemently anti-drugs in an interview, only for a picture of their 21-year-old daughter Chloe apparently taking drugs to be leaked to a Sunday paper.

Richard told Closer magazine: "It was before she started working in TV. Somebody was passing a bong around and she inhaled some of it, big f*****g deal."

He continued: "It was just one of those things kids do - they go to parties and they do a bit of weed. I defy anyone to have a child of that age who doesn't occasionally have a bit of weed. They shouldn't, it's not good for you, but I know for a solid fact that none of my children - my stepsons, my son or daughter - have got anything approaching a drug problem."

Judy added: "Seriously, hand on heart, she does not do drugs. She doesn't.

"I should imagine all of them have the odd spliff if everyone else is doing it, but she hardly ever does. She's not interested. She really isn't.

"Obviously we've had huge talks about it, but I've never worried at all about her, or indeed about any of them. They've all got their heads screwed on and they're level-headed kids."

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