Rob Palmer addicted to Dancing with the Stars

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Better Homes and Gardens eye candy, builder and carpenter Rob Palmer has successfully taken the prize in Seven's Dancing with the Stars on Sunday night.

After performing solidly throughout the season, Palmer came head-to-head with Tamara Jaber in a dance-off, where he won over the judges with an AC/DC-themed routine.

Together with his professional dance partner, Alana Patience, the winning team managed to snag three perfect 10s from the judges, all while sporting an oversized school boy's outfit.

Upon winning, Palmer stated: "I'm thrilled to bits. I did not give myself a snowball's chance in hell, I feel like someone has put sprinkles on my oats for the past two weeks, that is what Dancing has been like.”

Palmer powered through back problems that had plagued him in the closing weeks, and had performed on the night dosed to the eyeballs on painkillers to keep any troubles at bay.

As the winner of Dancing with the Stars, Palmer's winnings will be donated to the charity of his choice -- Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

"To be able to do something for diabetes is a plus. Diabetes doesn't stop you from doing anything."

Did you watch the Dancing with the Stars final on Sunday night? What did you think about Palmer's victory?

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