Robert Carlyle headlining Stargate Universe

When Stargate fans heard that Stargate Atlantis was being shot out into space, never to return again, they pretty much freaked out. The Stargate franchise has been on television since 1997, and was in danger of fizzling out with the end of Stargate Atlantis at the conclusion of the current season. But Stargate will live on in the form of Stargate Universe, and now Universe has its captain.

The new spin-off will be headlined by Scottish actor Robert Carlyle, as announced by Sci Fi today. Carlyle first found international fame playing the thuggish drunkard Begbie in Danny Boyle's Trainspotting. He's since appeared in The Full Monty, 28 Days Later, and in 24: Redemption as Carl Benton.

In Stargate Universe, Carlyle will play Dr. David Rush and lead his team as they end up on an ancient spaceship after doing the portal thing through a stargate. Rush will struggle to understand the ship's secrets and try to get the team home, but may have ulterior motives.

Let's hope he keeps that kick-ass Scottish accent.

Stargate Universe was announced within days of Atlantis' demise, and is expected to be given a 20-episode initial order and launch next summer.

Stargate fans, are you OK with Carlyle in the lead role?

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