Robert Sheehan Leaves Misfits

It’s hard to imagine Misfits without Robert Sheehan. The Irish actor, who plays cocky character Nathan, is the most dominant and outspoken of all the show’s ASBO teens--and that’s saying something. Nevertheless, when the third season airs on E4 this autumn it’ll be without Sheehan’s unique presence. The 23-year-old, who recently landed a lead role in the film Killing Bono, has quit the superhero show to reportedly pursue his emerging movie career.

Fans will have to rely on their computers to see how Sheehan’s written out of the show. His character leaves before the third season airs on TV, in an online film that precedes it. The “exclusive online short” will see the Misfits attempt a trip to Vegas, in which Nathan leaves and a newcomer joins the regular group. Little is currently known about this new character, except that his name’s Rudy (he’s not even been cast yet) so keep your eyes on the Misfits forums for updates.

In the meantime, we’ve got plenty of time to theorise how the new series will pan out. How do you think Nathan will leave? And, more importantly, do you think the show will survive without him? Tell us your thoughts below...

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